Metallic Candy Pink (NEW) - EMBOSSED VINYL

Metallic Candy Pink (NEW) - EMBOSSED VINYL

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NEW COLOR : Metallic Candy Pink (close, but not the same as our previous Metallic Pink)

Our custom design on embossed vinyl/faux leather! This has more of a soft touch/drape than our regular printed vinyl. It has a fuzzy knit backing (provides strength against tears) and slight 2-way stretch along width of fabric. Domestic machine friendly!

EMBOSSED VINYL / FAUX LEATHER: 12" tall x 53-54" wide Roll, multiple rolls will NOT be cut continuously. 

** Please note that coloring may differ slightly between fabric bases due to different fabric composition (cotton vs polyester) and different printing processes. Coloring can also vary slightly between runs, so a fabric from a previous year may not perfectly match a newer printing.**