* PRE-ORDER - Holiday Stripe

* PRE-ORDER - Holiday Stripe

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Please read all of the following BEFORE ordering. Thank you!

* Fabric (Cotton Spandex, Woven Cotton, Canvas, Swim, French Terry, Water Resistant Canvas) will ship from a different location than Vinyl/Zippers. Please place separate orders. 

** Pre-orders have an 8-14 week turn around time. This includes the time it takes to be printed, shipped to us, and then for us to ship to you. Please only order if you are comfortable with this time frame. **

** Please note that coloring may differ slightly between fabric bases due to different fabric composition (cotton vs polyester) and different printing processes. Coloring can also vary slightly between runs, so a fabric from a previous year may not perfectly match a newer printing.**

Qty 1 = 1 yard

KNIT (cotton spandex): Printed on 230-240 gsm, 95% cotton/5% spandex fabric, guaranteed 58" wide

WOVEN (non-stretch cotton): Printed on 150 gsm, 100% woven cotton fabric, guaranteed 56" wide

CANVAS (light upholstery-style canvas): 250 gsm, 100% cotton, guaranteed 56" wide

SWIM: 80/20 nylon/Lycra(spandex) blend, guaranteed 58" wide.

FRENCH TERRY: cotton, 4 way stretch with a fine loopy back, guaranteed 58" wide.

WATER RESISTANT CANVAS: approx 230-240 gsm polyester-blend canvas with a water resistant layer, guaranteed 56-58" wide. *WILL BE FOLDED WHEN SHIPPED* Water resistant effectiveness will vary depending on how it is used (more seams = more opportunity for water to get through).