Easy Infinity Scarf

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You'll need:

- half a yard of minky fabric (This is our Mouseflakes Blue minky)

Start with a true half of minky fabric (about 18" x 60"). You can use a fat half and cut/piece it together, but you should have a piece of fabric that is about 18" tall x 60" wide. A little shorter than 60" is ok, but it should be at least 56" or it will be hard to do a double loop around your neck.

Fold the fabric right sides together along the long edge (hot dog style). Clip or pin.

 Sew along the long edge- starting and ending 5" from the ends.

Flip it right side out. You should have a flat tube with open ends.

Take the right end and fold it up, twisting the fabric up like in the photo.

Fold it to the left, again twisting the fabric.

Fold the fabric down, matching the short edges and long seam together.

Your ends should match up like this. 

Clip or pin the short edges right sides together. Sew along the short edge ONLY.

 Your scarf should look like this with an opening along the long seam.

Clip or pin the hole shut and hand stitch it closed.

You're all done! Enjoy your scarf!

Here's an example of a scarf in our Buffalo Plaid.


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