Watercolor Check - CLEAR VINYL

Watercolor Check - CLEAR VINYL

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CLEAR VINYL : approx 47" wide x 12" tall roll, multiple rolls will NOT be continuous

CHOOSE BETWEEN PVC OR TPU with the drop down menu.

- PVC is our original clear vinyl (approx .4mm thick) with lots of structure, great for domestic machines and using a hair dryer to heat it up will make turning projects easier. - TPU is our new option (approx .5mm thick) and is more pliable and easier to handle, but does not have as much structure and can stick to your machine- you may need to adjust your tension settings quite a bit (less domestic friendly option). 

 ** Please note that coloring may differ slightly between fabric bases due to different fabric composition (cotton vs polyester) and different printing processes. Coloring can also vary slightly between runs, so a fabric from a previous year may not perfectly match a newer printing.**